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Take A Stroll with Barbie Jones

I am here 2019 looking at all that I have accomplished and dreaming and planning what's to come. Life for me hasn't been easy but it isn't impossible either. Every time I think I've mastered what God has for me, I am pushed down only to work hard to get back up again. I am learning and I know his grace is sufficient. I pick my head up, draw on my brows, shake out a couple of wigs and grab a pair of heels to start all over again. I live to try again another day. I travel the world through fashion and style, it is my ink/paint and I am the canvas. I love being a fashion artist. I love looking and feeling different. One day soon I will have the opportunity to share my creativity with the world. In no way will I then be a master of fashion just a mere student, learning, growing, and walking in my GOD given purpose. BJ

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